Alt LV League 'A' Team
Fri-13-Apr Budenbergs (A)
Alt LV League 'B' Team
Fri-13-Apr Victoria (H)
Alt LV League 'Vets' Team
Thu-29-Mar Linden (A)
ASM League
Tue-17-Apr A.E.U. (H)
Trafford Evening League
Thu-05-Apr Old Trafford 'B' (H)
Manchester Premier League
Wed-02-May MMP - Rochdale (A)
Cheadle & District League


List of Club Members

Name BCGBA Number CCBA Number
Ina Turner LAD 08567 CC 29753
Cathy Wall LAD 12250 CC 27162
Graham Wells GM 02375 CC 09903
Neil Williams CH 07137 CC 06588
Rob Woodcock RW 12345 CC 24680
Sue Woods LAD 32461 CC 18314
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