Alt LV League 'A' Team
Mon-13-May Lloyds B (A)
Alt LV League 'B' Team
Mon-13-May Lloyds A (H)
Alt LV League 'Vets' Team
Thu-21-Mar Beech House B (H)
ASM League
Tue-09-Apr Sale Excelsior (H)
Trafford Evening League
Thu-11-Apr Knutsford (H)
Manchester Premier League
Wed-01-May Red Lion (A)
Cheadle & District League
Wed-24-Apr Heaton Mersey (H)


List of Club Members

Name BCGBA Number CCBA Number
Chris Alderson GM 10184 CC 12382
Nigel Armstrong CH 14407 CC 21536
Keith Bradley
Jamie Bramley BP 05522 CC 16330
Heather Bramley LAD 67623 CC 29401
Nathan Brown GM 15094 CC 28530
Brenda Buckley LAD 09215 CC 29742
Dean Butler NL 23423 CC 32032
Dave Carter MS 02298 CC 00313
Lynda Clemence LAD 08566 CC 29743
Gary Comar CH 10241 CC 02505
Denise Conliffe LAD 12369 CC 29744
Peter Conway DY 05740 CC 05457
Michelle Conway DY 14062
Steve Cook BP 00755 CC 00613
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